Lily Acupuncture

Passion for healing others runs in Dr. Liwen "Lily" Heh's veins. She's the third generation in her family to study the art of acupuncture, a calling she has been practicing for more than 20 years. Before coming to the United States more than 15 years ago, Lily studied her family's craft in China, where she earned a degree from Beijing China Medical University.

Today, as a board-certified acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist, she eliminates her clients' mental and bodily woes with both acupuncture and alternative medicine. Her cupping sessions help banish discomfort by alleviating pressure in achy spots, and her herbal teas help boost energy levels and reduce the need for midday smelling salts.

What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is an Oriental form of treating many medical problems by inserting fine needles into various active points on the body. Legend has it that acupuncture is 4000 to 5000 years old. The first written reference to acupuncture dates back to somewhere between the 5th and 3rd centuries B.C. Acupuncture began in China, but soon spread to other oriental counties and in the past century has been practiced in Europe and the Soviet Union.

Acupuncture is now practiced in China side-by-side and in cooperation with Western medicine. Many conditions benefit maximally from a combination of Eastern and Western medicine

How Many Treatments are Necessary?

It is usually recommended that a series of 10 treatments be given. Many patients will obtain the best results after 6 or 12 treatments, so it is best to consult with the acupunturist about your particular case. The treatments preferably are given twice a week in the beginning and then spread out as the patient begins to improve.
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